Sleep quality, is the purchase worth it? Read on!

I have put them in order from the least effective to the most effective.

1) Sleep Pod Sleep Pod is the simplest and most popular sleeping product on this page. It uses pressure to stimulate breathing, rather than just holding your breath, so that it is like the way a child is taught to hold his breath to stay asleep. While this is true in most cases, this product does not provide enough stimulation for the rest of your body, especially your diaphragm. It provides a shallow sleep that you can only fall asleep to, at the most. 2) Nocturnal Airway Mask This is the most widely used mask and it is the only mask that I have ever used, for a long time. It is easy to use, and it provides a very deep sleep. I have tried it several times, and I have gotten much deeper sleep than most other people, and I am sure many people are doing it. 3) Avera Sleep Mask If you have any trouble sleeping because you have trouble getting deep sleep, and you want to sleep like a baby, you may want to try this mask. If you are having a problem sleeping in any other way, then you should probably use another product.

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