Medical Education


Incoming Residents July 2014Dr. Mihir Buch – Internal Medicine OGME-1 – TOURO
Dr. Mary Postel – Emergency Medicine OGME-1 – LECOM Dr. Bao Pham – Emergency Medicine OGME-1 – KCUMB
Dr. Gregory Greene – Internal Medicine OGME-1 – HCOM Dr. William Francis – Family Medicine OGME-1 - RVUCOM

Congratulations to our Incoming Residents who started on July 1, 2014 upon receiving their white coats from Dr. Bloxdorf, DME!

"You have exposure to the acute & chronic setting."

"There are a variety of patients with great preceptors who are willing to teach."

"The subspecialty attendings take extra time to teach and are excellent mentors."

"You learn to handle patients using a variety of approaches."

"There's critical care experience and experience with procedures."

"You are able to manage patients independently according to your comfort level."

"It is a positive learning environment."

A Message from the Director of Medical Education

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