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H1N1 Vaccine Pre-Registration

The Centers for Disease Control is requiring that ALL persons who receive the H1N1 vaccine be registered in their respective states. The Ohio Department of Health has set up a web site for pre-registration of all Ohio residents wishing to be vaccinated. All who are planning to receive the H1N1 Vaccine when it is available MUST preregister on the Ohio Department of Health Web Site. Please follow the directions below.

  • Click on the link provided.
  • This will place you on the ODH registration page
  • In the log in box click on New Individual / Family to Pre-Register Click Here - You DO NOT have to select a county or clinic on this page.
  • Select Register new individual - Please note that head of household MUST register first - whoever that may be.
  • Once you register each individual - PRINT the registration and take with you at the time of vaccination.
  • Complete registration for all of your family at that time or you can go in later and do that.
  • Bring the registration form with you at the time of vaccination.
  • At that time staff administering vaccination will complete the balance of the form and ask for your signature to consent for the vaccine.
  • Form will be retained by administrator of the vaccine. If you want additional copies you can return to the web site, log in and reprint and check your status.

Click Here To Register