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Family Birthing Suites

What is a Family Birthing Suite?

Julie Poulus Family Birthing Suites offer single room maternity care, the mother stays in the same room for labor, delivery, recovery, and post partum. The support person can stay with the mother the entire hospital stay. Family members and siblings are also welcome to share in the experience. Immediate family members are never considered “visitors” and may visit at any time as long as your condition and the condition of your baby permits. Your wishes and needs will always be taken into consideration.

The Family Suites staff is committed to offering options and encouraging women to participate in the decision making. Options for pain management include:

- Epidural Anesthesia
- Analgesia such as Nubain
- Hydrotherapy such as shower, Jacuzzi tub, inflatable birthing tub

Through self determination and working with a skilled staff of nurses, physicians, pediatricians and midwives, the women who choose St. John Medical Center are less likely to need a Cesarean section. The Ohio Department of Health recent published the Cleveland Hospitals Cesarean Section rates for first time mothers. Though the national rate is approaching 30%, St. John Medical Center was 14%.

Your wishes and needs will always be taken into consideration. Whatever your choice, our experience staff will support your needs, starting with Childbirth Education Classes, followed by providing a safe environment for the delivery of you baby, and finally with support groups for new moms and breast feeding after your discharge. Feel free to explore the tour of our unit.

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