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Your Birth,
Your Way.
The Family Birth Center at St. John Medical Center
29000 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, Ohio 44145
The birth of a baby is a precious time and a joyous
event to be shared by the entire family. It’s also a
nurturing process, which is why the Family Birth
Center at St. John Medical Center is here to help
guide and support you every step of the way.
We offer a variety of options plus a healthy dose of
pampering and extras to make this special time a
wonderful, comfortable and personalized experience
for you, your baby and your family. We believe that
your birth should be your way.
Your Birth, Your Way
begins with having a choice of birthing options.
From a more traditional birth with an epidural for pain management
to a natural child birth in our Holistic Birthing Center to a vaginal
birth after cesarean (VBAC), we offer you multiple options combined
with comprehensive, compassionate care. You also have several
pain management options, including aromatherapy, Jacuzzi tubs,
waterbirthing, pain medications and epidural anesthesia.
Our Family Birth Center is designed to provide many of the comforts of home.
With single-room maternity care, you spend your entire stay—labor, childbirth,
recovery and postpartum—in one homelike birthing suite, so mother, baby and
families can conveniently be together after childbirth. Plus, the same caring,
compassionate staff will care for you the entire time so they get to know you
and your family. With our Family Birth Center, you get:
A private, homelike room for your entire stay
Overnight accommodations for your support person
Flexible visitation guidelines
Room service meals
Secure unit with an infant security system
Special requests based on religious, cultural or social needs
We encourage you to keep your baby with you in your room as
much as possible so you can have unlimited contact, which is why we
room mother and baby together (rooming in). We also encourage
and support you in keeping the baby skin to skin (Kangaroo Care)
with you. This gives you an opportunity to get to know each other
in the first days after birth and ask any questions to our exper
ienced staff.
For mothers who would like to sleep or have some quiet time,
a nursery is available.
at every step
Whatever birthing option you choose, you’ll receive care from
an experienced team of obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians
and nurses. And, you have the peace of mind that specialists
are always available just in case a complication arises.
Our exceptional medical care also includes:
High-risk specialists available from UH Rainbow Babies
& Children’s Hospital and MacDonald Women’s Hospital
24-hour in-hospital obstetrician and pediatrician
24-hour anesthesia availability
Creating a
birth experience
Home away
from home