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Your Birth,
Your Way
The birth of a baby is a precious time and a joyous event, and our Family Birth Center is here
to guide and support new mothers every step of the way. Now, with our new
“Your Birth, Your
program, we offer options plus a healthy dose of pampering to make this a wonderful and
personalized experience for you, your baby and your family.
From a traditional delivery to a natural birth in our Holistic Birthing Center, we offer a variety of
choices combined with comprehensive, compassionate care.
Whatever you choose, you can be assured that you and your newborn will be cared for by an
experienced, caring team of obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians and nurses who always keep
your safety and comfort in mind. For a tour of our Family Birth Center or a copy of our
“Your Birth,
Your Way”
brochure, call 440-827-5543.
at St. John Medical Center